Glory's Hope Sickle Cell Foundation (GHSCF) is a non-profit organization that focuses on educating, supporting, developing, training, equipping and mentoring the unreached young Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) patients/students with hope and the skills and knowledge needed to truly and successfully achieve their future dreams.


We are signposts on the sidewalk. We have been called through the Great Commission to get out of our comfort zones and onto the sidewalk of the unreached young SCD patients/students. We need to establish hope with courage and lead them to the purpose they so frantically search for. 


By 2025 with the help of family, friends and people like you, Glory's Hope Foundation is projected to have created awareness for SCD through education to about 5000 people both in the U.S. and the continent of Africa; Provided scholarship to about 20 unreached SCD students to encourage them to further their education and reach their goals in life; Conducted research on SCD, develop, train, equip and physically mentor about 2000 unreached young SCD patients/students across the U.S. and the continent of Africa.

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