GHSCF is involved in community outreach and educational programs all over the United States and the continent of Africa. Our undertaking includes but not limited to educational promotions that build awareness of SCD and related circumstances and programs that provide services such as mentoring, tutoring and educational support for individuals and families impacted by sickle cell disease. GHSCF will continue to support and fight along with parents and patient of SCDs in their many challenges. It is anticipated that many new programs will be developed shortly actually to serve those group affected by SCD.


It is GHSCF mission, duty, and purpose to empower potential college students confronting sickle cell disease through scholarships and mentorship support. GHSCF will also provide a home on our website for individual with SCD who attend college to connect to those in similar situations to share advice and techniques on how they take on the stressors of college.

Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation firmly believe that scholarships can make the difference in the life of an SCD patient whether as a student that not only attends college but also as an SCD student who strives with the crisis but remains in college. It is Glory’s Hope passion to support, encourage and help to nurture a qualified SCD student’s academic talents and career goals as well as provides a rich and rewarding experience while in college.


Therefore, Glory’s Hope Foundation recognizes undergraduate academic excellence and achievement among students living with sickle cell disease by offering scholarship opportunity and other educational support.


The details and requirements for the scholarship can be found here

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