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GHSCF applies the biblical teaching principles to prepare students for positions of responsibility and leadership in their areas of work and ministry. Jesus, the Ultimate leader and a great teacher, taught His disciples vocally, elucidating the Word of God in both large and small group settings, and practically demonstrated to them by modeling the principles in real-life situations. Jesus, the Ultimate leader, also reinvigorated His disciples to learn and grow in an affectionate and caring community.


As in any other faith-based organization, our training instructions at GHSCF occurs both on site and on-line. It is 100% free for SCD students in the U.S.A. And it is subsidized for every black student that needed training in Information Technology and/or Business skills for a better job opportunity or to start a business. 


In a non-formal educational style part of our training also take place in the framework of ministry in action, where our trainers demonstrate, coach, and mentor students in their leadership development in a face to face format in form of conference, symposium or workshop. Through ongoing conferences, symposium or workshops combine with mentorship, our students experience first-hand the reality of having ministries of transformation and being a valued-centered leader.



It’s more important than ever for your training to be on the cutting edge of value-centered leadership. Your courses are designed with today’s professional in mind.



You’ll have access to digital tools that take learning to a whole new level.



You’ll join the GHSCF community of young black SCDs, a diversity of family where all are welcome. Social media tools enable everyone, including alumni, to connect and network whenever they wish.


All our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of your training development every step of the way. GHSCF online self-paced programs fit your schedule, not the other way around.


  1. Study anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet or mobile device

  2. FREE, no charges for the SCDs

  3. Get help from our knowledgeable instructors and on-demand tutors when you need them

  4. 24/7 access to our online GHSCF Membership Community so you can meet other great learners like you

  5. Flexible study planning tools you can adjust anytime to fit your schedule


We invite you to our on-line occupational on-line training program for the SCD to experience a new way of learning through the innovative online learning experience at GHSCF, and learn about Intentional Leadership, Doing Business God’s Way, Entrepreneurship, IT and Management Skills, Pastoral training, Missional Training etc. Your GHSCF training provides:

DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS: The courses in this school will help you gain the knowledge you need and the step by step lessons of how business should be run according to the Creator of all management rules: God. The courses are designed so that you learn the Information Technology and Management or Business skills you need for a new career quickly.



MISSIONAL TRAINING: Missional School is a disciple-making and church planting approach programs. Missional implies taking the methods of a missionary and being indigenous to the culture, seeking to understand and learn, adapting to the mission field, but planting the biblical form of a church. The school nurtures men and women as disciple making disciples for Jesus and equips them for leadership in fulfilling the Great Commission in the mission field. The curriculum and trainers are avidly enthusiastic, meticulously biblical and purposefully missional. They seek to lead and disciple students, firmly based on experiencing God’s grace.


DEPARTMENT OF PERSONAL MANAGEMENT: Through the Personal Management courses you will assert yourself in the direction of productive personal management life style both at work and in the ministry. You will find yourself much more confident and relaxed in your everyday dealings. Your personal finances will be more of a blessing than a pain. You will be understood and you will know exactly where you are heading. Through personal management courses your integrity will far outshine your faults and you truly will become an awesome leader.


DEPARTMENT OF LEADERSHIP & DEVELOPMENT: Through the Intentional Leadership Department, you will be equipped, learned and developed on the fundamentals of biblical leadership.

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