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core values


GHSCF is established to empower the Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) patients/students and to impact the community of SCD in the United States and continent of Africa by supporting, educating,  developing and equipping young vibrant SCD patients/students with intentional hope for the future. Our mission framework is based on a four pillars acronym H.E.A.R which stands for Hope, Education, Awareness and Research. These four pillars defines our mission annual project objectives. The following is the framework:



To have a strong Christian-base value-driven organization that advocate for the well-being, educational success and hope for the future of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) patients/students in the United States and the continent of Africa.


Our core values at GHSCF are uncompromisable, undebatable biblical truths that motivate and direct our behaviors. They are our motivational strengths that give us reasons why we do the things that we do; and they are constricting us by placing boundaries around our behaviors, deeds, performances and the manner in which we conduct business at Glory's Hope Foundation.


The following are our fundamental core values:


GRACE: It is one of the most fundamental and revolutionary doctrines of life. It simply means giving people more than they worth in spite of the cause of their need, regardless of the nationality, culture or religious limitations. At Glory's Hope Foundation, grace is an indication that we are always willing to give to others what they really do not deserve. In other words, there is such a thing as a free lunch, and a lot more. At Glory's Hope Foundation a life of grace means a life lived with those usually ignored, rejected by others or the unreached people groups. At Glory's Hope Foundation we belief that living by grace means promoting and encouraging everything that promotes love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


HOPE: At GHSCF we believe that having hope is not an assurance that bad things will not happen to us but it is a conviction that God has gone into the future before us and will always be with us. Also, hope to us at GHSCF means having a lifelike attitude towards the state of our world. It is not possible to deny either the contemporaneous problems or the calamitous possibilities. But on the other hand hope tells us not to be overwhelmed by them and also encourages us not to overlook the many good and positive aspects of life. Hope sees many good things and people all around and is aware of a higher power being at work in the world. It is this same hope that encourages us at GHSCF to take risks, not presumptuously, but in humility and prayer, confident that it will all work out. At GHSCF we do not simply view the world negatively but we see the hand of God at work, we believe that positive change can take place in the world in which we have been placed in.


FAITH: At GHSCF we believe that faith is an imperative social value and an essential component of many of our social relationships. Presently in our society, faithfulness is under-valued. Commitment is lacking in all sorts of relationships. This should not be taken as an overly negative criticism as there are many places where fidelity and commitment are indeed shown, but it is a realistic assessment of contemporary trends where the immediate and the short-term have gained the hegemony over long-term faithfulness and commitment. Faithfulness to our fellow human beings and to God is not only a personal matter, it is a central social value for us at GHSCF. At GHSCF we offer the same freedom, under the same conditions of respect to those of other religions. Also, to us at GHSCF, faithfulness in family relationships means loving those who are close to us. It is honoring God and the good for society as a whole. Parents are to be committed to the good of their children, children are to be faithful in honoring their parents and faithfulness in marriage is expected of husbands and wives. At GHSCF we see faithfulness as an important human value, as an image of the relationship between God and his people, and a reality of the relationship between our foundation and you.


LOVE: At GHSCF we believe that the meaning of life is found in love. Unconditional love known through our faith God. Without this love nothing else really makes sense. Its most fundamental characteristic is that it seeks the good of the other. It is contrary to all selfish, self-centered attitudes. Love is more than an emotion, and it is not merely ‘liking’. It involves choosing to love the unlovable, including one’s enemy. It involves helping the poor, the hopeless and even those in pain. Love is what drives us at GHSCF. The opposite of love is fear and where there is love there is no fear and where there is no fear we have the strength to fight and keep fighting. We are not afraid of the war ahead. It is based on the fact that God is love and that perfect love drives out fear. At GHSCF we strongly believe that the use of fear as a means of bringing about change runs contrary to the principle of love.


JUSTICE: For us at GHSCF, justice means very practical, down-to-earth actions which take place to ensure that the weak are protected from abuse; that the poor have what they need; that the stranger in the land is shown hospitality and that the socially disadvantaged are cared for. Even when this means giving them what they do not ‘deserve’! We believe that justice is gracious. Our faith in God also shows us that he is just and will do what is right. This is not ‘justice’ as the world understands justice; it is an undeserved act of grace. His standards are the measure for people to follow. At GHSCF we are called to live justly and do justice for others in the same way that God has done this for us.

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