Jeremiah Ojimaojo Attaochu is the founder and chairperson of Glory's Hope Foundation. He was born on January 17, 1993 in Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria.  He migrated to the United States in 2001 with his Mom to join his Dad in Washington D.C. in the United States of America. Jerry grew up in a very strong Christian home under the leadership of a humble father and a prayerful mother. He was a good soccer player growing up in Nigeria and continued to play soccer in his Elementary school in Washington D.C. And while attending Archbishop Carroll High School in Washington, D.C. the Lord that knows the best path to his future allowed him to make a mistake (Romans 8:28) during physical checkup by entering into a football room for checkup instead of a soccer room.

Then the football coach talked him into playing football. Hence, in High School, he played American football and had 118 tackles and 14 sacks as a senior, while recording four touchdowns by blocking kicks or returning fumbles. He played three seasons of varsity football as a linebacker and defensive end, and served two years as team captain.


In 2010 he received and accepted a scholarship from Georgia Tech. He finished his career as Georgia Tech's all-time leader in sacks with 31.5, surpassing Greg Gathers' 31 that he set between 1999 to 2002. Jerry was the Nigerian-born American football outside linebacker for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League (NFL). The Chargers drafted him in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He was with the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League for the early parts of 2018 and currently with the New York Jet for the rest of 2018 season. Jerry is an epitome of intentional leadership. He desires that young emerging African males and females will one day in the future have the opportunity to see their dreams come to fruition. And this is one of the reasons for the formation of this foundation.   


Glory's Hope Foundation is here today because of the significant achievements the Lord has made possible in the trajectory of Jeremiah Attaochu’s career. It is an effort to reach out and invest in the next generation of the unreached young SCD group of people in the U.S. and the continent of Africa. Right now, approximately 66 percent of Africa’s total population is below the age of 35. And this foundation will do her best as the Lord will allow us, to reach as many of these groups as possible.

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Jeremiah Attaochu

Founder & Chairman

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