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Welcome to Glory's Hope Doctoral Student Research Grant Application!

Welcome to the Glory’s Hope Doctoral Student Research Program Application! Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation was founded by Jeremiah Attaochu, NFL Chargers’ Line Backer. This grant is funded by the foundation, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to community outreach, educational and research support programs for sickle cell diseases (SCD) all over the United States and the continent of Africa.

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Before you fill the form please write a narrative essay of about 500 to 700 words about yourself, the sickle cell disease research you are embarking on, your financial challenges and the reasons you think the grant should be awarded to you. You should also have your resume/curriculum vitae and research proposal ready for upload before you start filling the form. You will be able to upload your essay and all necessary documents as you fill the form. Thanks. 












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Please provide us with a copy of your research proposal endorsed by your supervisor.  Upload the documents here:

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Max File Size 15MB

Upload your completed narrative essay of 500-700 words here:

Terms and Conditions

The following statements, acknowledged and signed by you below, are required to process your research grant award application. Processing of your application and disbursement of any grant funds is contingent upon your reading and acknowledging that you have read and understand all of the following by the application deadline:
1.    Terms and Conditions
2.    Tax Notice
3.    Securing Your Data
4.    Privacy Notice and Media Release and Consent
Please note that, should you be accepted as the winner of Glory's Hope Doctoral Student Research Award Program, you may be asked to reaffirm your consent to some or all of the items in a written/printed form. By submitting your application, you agree to do this promptly upon request.

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Please upload your resume/curriculum vitae here

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Glory’s Hope Doctoral Student Research Grant Award Program Terms and Conditions

To become one of Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation research grant recipient and remain eligible for the grant award, you must accept the following terms and meet all of the following requirements:
1.    You must be a doctoral student in an accredited university in the United States. Your research topic should be in the area of sickle cell disease and your research proposal should have been approved by your school IRB. Failure to get IRB approval before the grant is awarded will result in an automatic loss of the award and forfeiture of the grant funds.
2.    Glory’s Hope Doctoral Student Research Grant Award program offers $2,500.00 for the winner of the award. You must be available in person to receive the award. Afterwards, you must keep the foundation posted on the progress of your research and finally the outcome.

IRS Policy on Taxability of Scholarships

You are encouraged to consult with your school's financial aid office or with your personal or family advisor to determine whether any portion of your Glory’s Hope Doctoral Student Research Grant Award is taxable income that needs to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. Whether or not reporting is required or any tax will be owed will depend upon the unique facts and circumstances of the individual financial situation and/or certain aspects of the individual's program of study and/or his or her institution's requirements. Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation is not in a position to provide this type of advice to you, but want to be certain you are aware of the need to determine any financial/tax implications of the scholarship.

Securing Your Data

Providing you with a secure online experience is a high priority for Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation. We recognize that your privacy and security are of the utmost importance. While no data transmission over the Internet or information storage technology can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, we have devoted a great deal of effort to ensure that your personal information is safeguarded.
Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation continues to evaluate and implement enhancements in security technology and practices; however, we can only take steps to help reduce the risks of unauthorized access. Each individual using the Internet can take steps to help protect their information and further minimize the likelihood that a security incident may occur. Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation reserves the right to release your data in order to comply with any laws, regulations or court orders, including but not limited to state law obligations to report suspected child abuse.

Privacy Notice & Media Release

As a reminder, Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation respects the privacy of others and takes steps to prevent unauthorized access to data on its systems. In addition, Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation does not sell or provide to any third party for direct marketing or other unrelated purposes, any data received from applicants and will not transfer applicant data to any outside party other than contractors, consultants, and others working with Glory’s Hope Sickle Cell Foundation on its programs or to third parties with a legitimate interest in you as Glory’s Hope Foundation Scholar. You consent to us using your information for research and statistical purposes. You consent to your personal information being shared by the Foundation with contractors, consultants, and others working with the Foundation on its programs.

I accept these terms:

Acceptance of Terms

Please enter your full legal name  and date below to acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to the terms listed above.

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